Damn girl, you are the sex!

The sex? I really don’t get how I am ‘the sex’ but in saying that, thank you very much, have a lovely evening. 

The people who set assignments need to do the assignments themselves to then get an idea of the word count,  not say you have 1200 words when you need 293237283 words. 

If Joel and Julia don’t get back together I will practically cry. 

I made profiteroles because I hate profiteroles. 

I am a people pleaser when it comes to baking. 

Why do people not like when their parents go away and they have to fend for themselves? Do your parents not nag you all day or irritate you or change your plans? I’ve had the house to myself since I got home from work and I have never been happier. Don’t you feel free when they leave for a bit? like you can sit at the kitchen table without being spoken too and look in the pantry 9334738 times and have no one tell you “stop looking for food, haven’t you had enough already”. You can do things on your own time, wherever you want. YOU ARE IN CONTROL! 

I don’t get some people. 

so my bosses son is a piece of ass, like so cute and he is a doctor and practically engaged. 

I just stood in at the desk frothing over him. I make great first impressions.