Personal tea and coffee rules
Coffee: 3 tsp coffee and 100ml hot water
Tea: 1 tea bag no milk no sugar big cup of hot water

I think my happiness currently derives from no longer needing external validation. I no longer walk around waiting for someone to tell me I am beautiful/intelligent/humorous/unique/great/passionate/strong and so on. I am able to do all of that myself, I can make myself happy and it is so wonderful.

  • Todays intake consisted of just sultanas.

Feels good. 

  • Whilst I was waiting around at work I was practising interview questions and pretending I was being interviewed and I can’t believe how fabulous I am, well I can believe it but you know. 
  • I want to learn the hand jive from grease, looks so fun. 
  • I’m currently the most exhausted I have been in months. I am just extremely run down mentally. I still have to see a doctor about this, as I have no real understanding to why I am so tired. 
  • I am a little overtrained. Probably a reason for the above dot point. I took today off training too, I just need it. I need some healthy time off. 
  • Tomorrow morning I am hoping to have breakfast alone. I am praying that this happens. I need to drink a coffee in peace without being asked questions or told information that does not benefit me, like what just happened on the today show.
  • I got a fair bit of work done this morning which took a bit of stress off my shoulder, which was nice.
  • I got my math report back and it wasn’t the best mark but every comment was good, it was full of ticks and praises and not one negative comment was made. I don’t care about the mark really, I just want it to be justified.
  • I am looking into buying a macadamia nut tree because I love macadamia nuts but I don’t think I can wait 5 years for it to produce nuts. 

I started out thinking that I wouldn’t be able to meet the word limit and now I so far over there is no return.

i do not want to work out tonight 

so I will not be working out

just do it tomorrow

feel good about the decision

There is always moments throughout the month that you look pretty crappy. I’m not speaking for everyone, but for me it applies. Today I just look chubby and it kills me, I have thought about it all day.
Can’t be fabulous all the time I guess.